Monday, January 23, 2006

Legend of the ‘Apple’ and the genius who inspired it

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Striped Apple logo

There aren't many Mac users in Mumbai and the previous Apple logo (it became single-coloured in 1998) is not a common sight (I don’t remember seeing any ad for the brand). Coming from a publishing background and being just slightly tech savvy, I am familiar with the ‘rainbow colored half-eaten’ fruit. So I am surprised I never wondered about the rainbow band.

When Vibs mentioned to me recently about the belief that it was meant to be a homage to Alan Turing, the genius mathematician, it was news to me. I tried to look up Apple Computer’s site to verify this but didn’t find the official history of the logo though. (If anyone has found it, please let me know.) According to Wikipedia (is it still considered reliable?), the story is just an urban legend.
But the Apple Computer page on the web encyclopedia led me to its page on Alan Turing. (I am sure there’s a term for this kind of ‘serendipity’). Turing had been discussed a long time ago by someone on an Indian gay Yahoo! groups but I am not sure what was said then. So it’s only now that the circumstances leading to his death and his tragic end have made an impact on me. Turing was barely 42 when he died. A genius snatched by virulent ignorance and hatred. Another life snuffed out for being homosexual.

PS. For those who missed my posts, I am sorry for being away. Work and family come before blogging. But I have missed being here too!

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