Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More on the Apple logo and much much more on Turing

Here are some more interesting links on Alan Turing, the Apple logo and the dubious link between the two.

http://www.turing.org.uk/turing/ This is by someone who has written a book on Turing.
http://coffeebanana.pitas.com/ The first part of the piece here gives some more info on the Apple logos.

A link to an interesting article on the ‘connection’ with even more links (which I am yet to explore).

Thanks for Sanjay, a blogger himself. (see http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=Asad11).

And here’s a response from ‘Paul’ whose comment eloquently sums up what my previous post tried to convey:

I live in UK and know nothing about Apple but I did see Breaking the Code the BBC play about Alan Turing which was repeated on BBC4 only weeks ago and it stood up brilliantly. So much more satisfying then much Hollywood gay sentimental mush. It was a very British play and caught the period (the war and post-War period) brilliantly. The cast superb, Derek Jacobi as Alan Turing talked about his work to his new boss at Bletchley Park (where the German Engima Machine was kept and the code eventually cracked by him) which should have had everyone turning off their sets for it was way over everyone's head - but it was spellbinding.  The play followed very much the Wikipedia piece although 'Joan' suggested marriage to him not the other way around and he turned her down but a close friendship between the two was maintained.
The film indicated that his death was suicide from cyanide and a half eaten apple was shown on his bedside table.
It is ironic that a man who shortened the War, who saved many Allied lives by cracking the Enigma code, should be shat on by Britain, become a criminal for his homosexuality and be fed female hormones to 'cure' him. The play indicated that he was being 'watched' by the security services as they thought he had become a security risk.”

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